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Publishing activities

The publishing activity, as one of the important activities of the T. G. Masaryk Water Research Institute, public research institution, includes annual reports, a journal, and specialist items.

The Editorial Board


  • Dana Baudišová
  • Libor Ansorge
  • Adam Beran
  • Petr Bouška
  • Jiří Kučera
  • Diana Marešová
  • Mark Rieder
  • Miloš Rozkošný
  • Přemysl Soldán
  • Michal Vaculík
  • Aleš Zbořil

VTEI Journal

Water Management Technical and Economical Information Journal (VTEI Journal)

ISSN 0322–8916

on-line ISSN 1805-6555

Water Management Technical and Economical Information Journal is a technical peer-reviewed journal published by T.G. Masaryk Water Research Institute, p.r.i., since 1959. In the period of 1999–2015 the journal was distributed as a supplement of Vodní hospodářství journal. Since October 2015 it is published separately. It focuses on the research results from the area of assessment and protection of hydrosphere and management of wastes.
The journal is indexed in the current list of Non-impacted Reviewed Periodicals Published in the Czech Republic (published at approved by the Research, Development and Innovation Council of the Government of the Czech Republic.


Publishing activities of the WRI date back to the beginning of its existence. The first specialized publication came out in 1926.

Most of the publications appear in three series: Research Publications, Research for Practice, and T.G.M. WRI Collection of Papers. Some titles are published as a separate volume outside the series.